Race and Performance in America

Volume 13 of the Race & in America series, an enhanced exploration of the origins, history, and legacies of anti-Black racism in the U.S., designed to deepen knowledge and awareness in the service of promoting a more just and inclusive community and world.

Race & Performance in America

Panel Discussion


Nikki A. Greene, Visiting Scholar at the Cogut Institute for the Humanities, NEHC Mellon Faculty of Color Working Group Fellow, Associate Professor of Art at Wellesley College
Helina Metaferia, Assistant Professor of Visual Art
Patricia Ybarra, Professor of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
Avery Willis Hoffman, Artistic Director of the Brown Arts Initiative, Professor of the Practice of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies and Classics (moderator)

Student Voices

Listen to Brown University student-led conversations with the panelists in a series of one-on-one interviews.

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Race & Performance 101

Looking for an entry point? Start with this recommendation.

Dancing Alvin Ailey’s Revelations in Black and Brown
By Jamila Wilkinson, Guernica

About the Series

Over the course of the 2020–22 academic years, the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America at Brown, in partnership with the Office of the Provost, undertook a systematic investigation of the enduring contemporary effects of anti-Black racism in America. Drawing on the expertise of Brown scholars from a range of fields and perspectives, a series of eight webinars generated critical engagements with society’s most fundamental and urgent questions around race. The Race & in America series amplifies the impact and extends the reach of these penetrating discussions through expanded content and resources presented over thirteen volumes.

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